Towers 2-23

Another 18-runner (one-dog) turnout on Towers last night. While the conditions underfoot were distinctly winter-like, runners started off without the need for headlamps and then enjoyed the transition to a beautifully clear and starlit night. Another couple of Towers sessions and I think we can leave the headlights at home – a sure sign that we’re turning the corner on winter.

Conditions ranged from dirt, to ruts, to crunchy ice, to a dusting of snow, to inches of snow, to knee-deep post-holing. A real mixed bag for sure, but way better than last time out, I am told.

We’ll have another 15 minutes of daylight for the next outing on March 8, in addition to a full moon. Headlights optional?

Batting 100 on Towers in 2012:

Alex May
Brian Stefanovic
Brian Walter
Katie Robinson
Mindy Clarke
Pete Stevenson
Ryan Burch
Steph Lynn