Towers 3-9-2012

The conditions on Towers were about as good as we’ve seen them all year, but still less than ideal, with a few scrapings of ice in the usual shaded corners and additional snow and ice up high. Fully 20 percent (4) of the 20 who started out from the Soderberg trailhead reached the summit in personal records, which I guess shows how good the track was (or just how fit these specimens were) last night.

This was the last lights-required Towers TT of winter and we were treated to a huge and very orange full moon off to the east as we made our way down, so lights were in fact optional. For the next one, conditions should be stellar and hopefully people will be cranking PRs left right and center, and maybe we’ll sprinkle an FKT or two in there too.

Some pics and text from Alex

Tonight’s PRs

Katie Robinson
John Korfmacher
Mike E
Zach Kauffman

Batting 1.000 on Towers in 2012

Alex May
Brian Stefanovic
Brian Walter
Katie Robinson
Pete Stevenson
Ryan Burch