Towers April 5: 14 out of 22 PR

The spring PR season is clearly in full swing. Last time out we had 13 personal bests, but this time up we went one better with 14. When will this madness end? There were a total of 26 runners, 4 new and 22 returning, which means a PR strike rate of 64 percent.

Off the charts!

Perhaps the most notable PR of the night came from one of The Hill’s most loyal customers. Alex May has been toiling away on Towers for two years now, so you’d think personal bests would be marginal at this stage. But oh no, how about a huge 90 second PR, people!?

It took a slight revisit of his lunch, but Pete Stevenson wasn’t far behind Alex in the outstanding-run-of-the-evening award. The bearded one sliced almost a minute off his PR for an impressive 31:31. Also impressive was Brian B who put up a fourth PR in a row, and then we had Burch, Elijah, Katie and Mike E putting up their third consecutive bests.

Virtual insanity!

We move to the upper lot for a run at Horsetooth Rock in two weeks. See you there!

Alex M
Pete S
Peter P
Brian B
Mike E
Mike H
Jen J
Matt J
Katie R
Jenn G


Batting 1.000 on Towers in 2012

Alex May
Brian Stefanovic
Brian Walter
Katie Robinson
Pete Stevenson
Ryan Burch

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