Towers 2-9-2012

So we’re finally starting to put the pieces together for our new FCTR website. Most of our 2011 Towers times have been updated and published and the latest times from the 2/9 Time Trial are posted here.

As of the most recent count, we had an impressive turn out with 18 runners tackling possibly the most atrocious running conditions I’ve seen on the hill to date.┬áSince the last snow storm, it looks like the utility workers have resorted to using snow cats to get up to the Towers. So instead of our usual semi-plowed mix of dirt and ice, the road was packed down with a solid layer of snow with some solid patches, some soft patches, and some broken chunky patches. Fortunately there wasn’t an inch of ice to be seen anywhere on the hill. Fun stuff!

We had a record 6 Gold Stars this week and only 5 runners made it to the top in under an hour. Ryan may have come close to Sam’s FKT …but he ran too fast to get an official time recorded. And in a rare upset, Chris managed make it to the top a full 10 seconds ahead of Steph. ….although there may have been some foul play involving a snow drift.

We’ll see everyone back on the hill again on the 23rd.